Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Cost of Disobedience

Experience will really change you, especially if you apply the lessons you  have learned from it. I have been a Christian for many years now but only lately did I really get serious in obeying Him. There are still so many things that I am struggling to change but as what Philippians 1:6 says-

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.
I remember the car accident I had a few years ago. Before I tell you the story, let me share with you a bit of my old me... I was arrogant, careless, stubborn and a know-it-all kinda gal. Every time my dad rides with me, he would tell me to slow down and yield, BUT, (you've guessed it) I still drove recklessly telling him I can do it without him telling me to be careful. My brothers would tell it to me in a different way, they would jokingly say "Sis, you are a dangerous driver and people should not be crossing when you drive". My husband would always remind me to focus on the road but I didn't. It made me more proud--- Stupid me! Hmmm, so much for that.  

One fateful day, while I was driving alone to run an errand, after making a few turns, I realized I was lost. I can't remember the way to where I was supposed to go. So I did what most drivers would do, I turned on the GPS of my mobile phone, being neglectful, I turned it on while I was driving not noticing I was turning at a blind curve.  All of a sudden, I heard a thud! ...When I looked back on the road, to my utter shock, I saw a man lying on the street and realized I just hit a pedestrian. I panicked and instead of hitting the brakes, I stepped on the accelerator. A series of smashing sounds followed. I hit a company car at the opposite road, I hit a private car parked in front of a car wash, and I crushed one of the cement posts of the car wash shop. 

At that instant, I realized that God truly loves me, indeed it is a miracle! He didn't let me die, He didn't let the man that I hit die, in short, no one died but there was a huge damage done - without thinking twice, I went out of the car telling everyone I was so sorry. I took all the blame. I deserved it. I left the car at the accident scene and rushed the unconscious wounded man to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. The rest was history.

The cost of my disobedience? The traffic enforcer confiscated my license, we lost the car and paid more than $3000 for all the damages. 

If God didn't allow the accident to happen, I will not be fully aware that He wants me to LISTEN, to OBEY, and to TRUST in Him. We must never forget that we have a God who loves us and who really cares for us. He displayed it by giving us eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. This is a gift that is more valuable than our life on earth. :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Show Love To Your Mother

Well, it’s been six months since my last post. For the past few months, I’ve been busy visiting relatives and friends and running errands for my parents at the same time celebrating Christmas and New Year with them. After New Year, I went back home (which is in a different country) and continued on my daily routine. Life is full of surprises indeed (good and bad). After several weeks, I received an email saying my mom had a stroke and is in a critical condition. My husband and I agreed that I have to fly back to be with her. Ironically, she already passed away even before I arrived. IT REALLY HURTS. I never thought that would be my last moments with my mom. I realized, we totally don’t have control in life, we just have to give it all up to GOD and trust Him in EVERYTHING.

A mother is a gift from God. She makes you realize the true value of life itself by acting as a guardian angel whenever you experience roughness and discomfort in life. Nowadays, we take less importance in valuing motherhood. Amidst our busy schedule, I suggest we spare some time to give our mother the appreciation and the care that she needs.

Although it's quite too early for Mother's Day, I would like to share some tips to make your mom feel special and loved:

1. CALL HER - Pick up the phone and say hi. Ask how she is or tell her you miss her cooking. It will definitely brighten up her day.

2. BRING HER TO A BEAUTY PARLOR - Mothers need pampering. They don't say it out loud but when we make the first move by offering her a hair makeover, or maybe a manicure and a pedicure, they will be so happy and be thankful to you for being sensitive to their needs. (You can also try to treat her for a spa or a whole body massage)

3. TREAT HER FOR LUNCH/DINNER - Surprise her by taking her to her most favourite restaurant in town once in a while. 

4. WATCH MOVIES TOGETHER - Enjoy watching a movie with your mom from time to time. It will remove the stress out of her daily routine.

5. TAKE HER ON A TOUR - Taking her on a trip will surely revitalize her energy and outlook in life. Try bringing her on a countryside away from all the city lights and busy highways and experience the serenity of that town or maybe to the beach and enjoy the sunset together.

6. BE A LISTENER – Take time to listen to your mom whenever she expresses herself.  Sometimes mothers can be burdened with a lot of problems so when she feels like talking to you, be there for her.

7. SHOW YOUR GRATEFULNESS – Thank her for always being there whenever you need her, for the wisdom she gives you each day, for her constant love, for the amazing dish she serves you, and for other things she have done for you. It may be in a form of a gift, a bouquet of flowers, or even just saying a heartfelt “THANK YOU MOM”.

8. GIVE HER HUGS AND KISSES – Nothing beats a hug and a kiss to show affection to your mom. If you are not a physical type like me, just try the suggestions above. (“,)

I'm really going to miss my mom dearly, so to my valued readers, don't ever stop showing love and affection to your mother 'coz you'll never know---it might be your last chance.

A mother's love for her child is like 
nothing else in the world. It knows no 
law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes
down remorselessly all that stands in its path.
~ Agatha Christie

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Congratulations and best wishes to all the newlyweds who are reading this article!  And for those who are married for quite some time now ... how’s it going? Marriage is not a bed of roses or a piece of chocolate cake, (hmmm...) I can tell you that. But what makes some couples stay happily married? Here are a few points I’ve read from an editorial column which I would like to share with you:

©    Treasure Your Union – Remember the first time you dated with your spouse? How you felt that night and how you don’t want the night to end? It is good that once in a while you have to reminisce those dating days with your spouse because it will give you a romantic mood.

©   Listen To Each Other – Pay attention not only to words but also to the expression and mood of your partner. Learn to listen to understand rather than listening to argue and NEVER ignore.

©  Caress As You Would Be Caressed – I’m talking about physical warmth and affection, your comforting touch that will make him/her feel loved and wanted. Remember, marriages fade from lack of closeness. So what are you waiting for? Make a move and give him/her a kiss, a hug, and a snuggle. The best time to do it is NOW. J

©  Provide Each Other Appreciation – “You look beautiful” “Thanks honey (or whatever you call each other)” “I like your haircut” and a lot more. Appreciating your partner will make him/her feel comforted and admired in a deeper way.

©    Love One Another – The best thing you can give your partner is the gift of Love. Genuine love is priceless, more precious than a fancy car or a diamond ring.

©   Express And Be Open With Each Other – Secrets create suspicion and doubt which will lead to an argument or a fight. It is best to be open and share moments to your spouse, in this way doubt and suspicion will not be able to destroy your relationship.

©   Allow The Other To Be An Individual – Each of you is a unique being with different characteristics. Accepting the other as they are, as you would have yourself accepted.

©   Soothe Each Other – Provide a sanctuary and refuge for each other. It is one of the benefits of marriage that you both can enjoy for a lifetime.

©   Empathize And Respect Each Other’s Rights – Each is entitled to his/her own preferences and must be responsible for the results of the choices that have been made.  Value your partner's rights and he/she will do it in return.

In conclusion, both should work on it and must be genuine to one another. You will always encounter arguments and fights but in the end, love will be the strongest and deepest element in marriage, the foundation of your union. Cherish it!

Two such as you with such a master speed
Cannot be parted nor be swept away
From one another once you are agreed
That life is only life forevermore
Together wing to wing and oar to oar.
*By the way, I added a secret message on the Marriage Creed. 

Decode it and apply it in your marriage.  Enjoy! J