Saturday, 20 August 2011


You are responsible for your own actions... I guess you’ve heard this statement before. This line MUST persistently play in our minds every time we have to make an important decision. I’m not talking about deciding what clothes to wear or what movie to watch but something that is life-changing. 

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you were so frustrated just because you listened to someone else’s advice and it turned out to be a fiasco? That you should have listened to your intuition? Well, don’t blame the poor fella ‘coz what that person did was just to give you an advice---it is up to you whether to take it or not. Accept the responsibility of your own action and stop making excuses. We have to learn from our mistakes and move on. It is good to ask for opinions from others especially if we are having difficulty to decide on our own, in fact, it is encouraged by many. But we have to REMEMBER ONE THING; we are the one who is in the situation therefore we must know better than the others.  No one is in-charge of our life but us, not even our husband or our very best friend or even our friendly neighbour, just us. The reason why we are who we are right now is because we decided it to be. It is a fact that people around us are capable of influencing us but the last decision is always in our hands.

In my humble opinion, to become a responsible person, we have to learn to think in responsible ways, and throw out immature ideas.

"Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility . . . . In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have is the ability to take on responsibility." — Michael Korda